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Couples Counselling

Padraic Dolan Counselling & Psychotherapy offers a high level of expert support and therapeutic services to couples who may be experiencing relationship issues or difficulties. Relationships are a very significant part of our lives and while all relationships have their ups and downs, sometimes counselling is required to get both partners on the same team again.

In modern society, couples and relationships are exposed to more and more pressures and stresses. This can lead to worries and anxiety relating to emotional issues, financial concerns, social and sexual issues that ultimately affect both partners in a relationship. If you are experiencing any personal issues you may find it difficult to express your concerns to your partner. Counselling and psychotherapy provide couples with a confidential and judgement-free space to begin having those difficult conversations.

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A relationship is ultimately two individuals who decide to come together as a team. It is common for communication within this partnership to break down and couples may struggle to find positive solutions to life's challenges. This can escalate to negative behaviour towards each other, intimacy issues and even an end to the relationship. The ongoing conflict may cause distress to both partners, children and extended family. Couples Counselling will help both partners explore and understand their issues and the impact that they are having on the relationship.

Counselling provides couples with an equal opportunity to feel heard and understood in a safe, empathetic environment and encourages each partner to share their feelings and concerns. Together, we will work through your relationship issues so that you can move towards a positive outcome.

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