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Padraic Dolan Counselling & Psychotherapy provides a professional and experienced supervision service for other counsellors and psychotherapists.

All professional counsellors and psychotherapists can benefit from supervision. The purpose of supervision is to provide counsellors, or supervisees, with a space that allow them to reflect on their work and receive support themselves. In addition to the growth and development of the counsellor, supervision facilitates a monitoring system. Supervisors will monitor the work of the supervisees to ensure that the client is always guaranteed professional support and is receiving the best help possible. Effective supervision will help counsellors develop reflective practices and empowers them to respond reflectively to issues and situations, rather than instinctively. Supervision is a joint venture between two professionals working in mutual collaboration and provides a supportive and educational resource for the supervisee.

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Through counselling supervision, I help my supervisees to grow in confidence and autonomy, and provide you with the space to develop your own counselling styles. I will also assist you in developing a greater sense of self-awareness which in turn will allow you to be more attuned to your client's needs and progress. 

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